Swain Hoogervorst  (1988) is an artist primarily concerned with oil painting. Using photography as well as film and other digital means to influence his painting, Hoogervorst responds to specific questions regarding the image and its relationship to painting. How these two different ways of seeing ultimately effect one another in a greater conversation regarding created and found images. The reality of what we see and our interpretation of our immediate surroundings. With a particular focus on landscape as a recurring theme Hoogervorst seeks to develop, and at once question, his visual language while responding to speific themes in the environment around him.

Hoogervorst currently lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.


2015 – Top 100 Barclays AtelierCompetition
2013 – Top 40 finalist Absa Atelier Competition
2013 – Participating artist at Schildersweek, Domburg, The Netherlands

2017 – Searching Eudaimonia, Everard Read, Cape Town
2014 – Inside Out, AVA Gallery, Cape Town

2015 – Arteles Creative Centre, Finland

2017 – Nano 1.1, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town
2017 – Spectrum, Everard Read Circa, Johannesburg
2016 – Liminal Geographies, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town
2016 – Line and Shadow, CIRCA Gallery, Johannesburg
2016 – Death of the old, Galleri Kalashnikov, Johannesburg
2016 – Stars and Tracks, The Project Room, Windhoek, Nambia
2016 – For what its worth, No End Contemporary, Johannesburg
2016 – Pastoral Abstraction, Everard Read, Cape Town
2015 – Defining the Narrative, Gallery MOMO, Cape Town
2015 – Homage, Everard Read, Cape Town
2014 – Pool Party, Alma Martha Project Space, Cape Town
2014 – Golden Haze, Saon 91, Cape Town
2014 – /SCAPE, Salon 91, CapeTown
2013 – One in a Million, Salon 91, Cape Town
2013 – Absa Atelier Best 100 in the country Exhibition, Johannesburg
2013 – Schildersweek, Domburg, The Netherlands
2012/2013 – Summer Show, Salon91, Cape Town
2012 – { Impression; Sunset } Salon91, Cape Town


Ends and Means: Swain Hoogervorst's 'Searching Eudaemonia' (2017)

Investing in Art: Swain Hoogervorst (2016)

In Finland with Swain Hoogervorst (2015)

Bright Young Things: Swain Hoogervorst (2014)

Inside Out, an Exhibition of Paintings by Swain Hoogervorst (2014)

Featured: Swain Hoogervorst (2013)

Ray-Ban Presents: The #envisionseries (2013)

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